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MEGA-O-PURE reverse osmosis is the next generation in reverse osmosis systems. All the production parameters are digital making it easy to connect to a central building automation system and/or for data logging purposes. The MEGA-O-PURE can be configured to be fully automatic or manually controlled (actuated valves, variable frequency drive, etc. ) depending on customer needs and applications.

The MEGA-O-PURE can evolve by adding vessels modules. It can grow depending on your future production needs without the initial investment. 

MEGA-O-PURE is streamline design for sanitary purposes and ease of cleaning in an enclosed cabinet for a low noise level (65-75 dB) depending on pump model.

The MEGA-O-PURE offers two different water saving technologies; 1. Flow based 2. Concentration based

MEGA-O-PURE reverse osmosis system are pre-configured for tank feed or direct feed with loop return.

  • Smart adjusting reject rate, proportional to pure water consumption
  • Capacity to evolve by adding vessels modules 
  • Adjustable recovery between 15% to 95%
  • Streamline design for sanitary purpose
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modbus, Ethernet 


  • USP Purified Water
  • WFI water
  • Highly Purified Grade Water for rinsing
  • Medical Device Production

NOTE: Production capacity of the MEGA-O-PURE is from 20 to 160 lpm @ 25 celcius using Dow Filmtec XLE-440 membrane. Different types of membranes can be used depending on customer needs such as reverse osmosis and/or nanofiltration membranes.