BOILER-MIZER - Boiler Water Treatment

BOILER-MIZER - Boiler Water Treatment

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The BIOLER-MIZER is one of the most technologically advanced instruments on the market for the pretreatment of water for boilers, steam generators and other specialized equipment.

The BOILER-MIZER is an intelligent system offering optimal water quality using an intelligent closed loop algorithm to provide the appropriate water quality with an adequate and balanced mixture in chemical composition so as not to damage your boiler, steam generator and / or other equipment manufactured with different qualities of carbon steel.

Connect different types of water supply to the
Example: - supply n ° 1: dealkalized and / or softened water - supply n ° 2: nanofiltered water and / or osmosis
The BOILER-MIZER will mix the two types of water to reach the
user-selected TDS / conductivity setpoint.

since the BOILER-MIZER offers the means to eliminate
and / or decrease the use of chemical additives by offering the means to
reduce the total ionic charge as well as the total organic charge contributes
to the significant reduction of purges.

ECONOMICAL, since the BOILER-MIZER extends the life of boilers, 
eliminates and / or significantly reduces the use of chemicals. Helps
maintain the efficiency of heat transfer by limiting the formation of lime
SAFE, since the BOILER-MIZER eliminates and / or reduces the use of 
chemicals, so the risk of exposure to service personnel is minimized.

Several options are available, please contact OBLX to customize your 
BOILER-MIZER solution.
Model Diameter Cv Electrical supply
OBBM-100 1.00'' 4.3 24 VDC
OBBM-150 1.50'' 7.8 24 VDC
OBBM-200 2.00'' 14.0 24 VDC
OBBM-XXX Call OBLX Call OBLX  24 VDC / 120 VAC

The BOILER-MIZER should not be the only pretreatment instrument, but
rather considered to be part of a complete pretreatment and chemical
dosing system when applicable.